Friday, July 30, 2004

Zombie pirate attacks!

Via Politech, I'm pointed to a parody site of the original government site,, which includes class advice such as...

Children are the worst fire hazards; consider giving them up for adoption.

Unfortunately, the "parody" part has been lost on the government, who have decided to "respond". I, for one, am utterly confused by the information presented, and have already started to report all the beggars asking me for money in case they're all terrorists.


Anonymous said...


I read about about this site, it was set up by a 19 year old student and the government is taking "legal advice" over it. What a pile of steaming... Ever get the impression that the one country where people can claim to have freedom of speech is suddenly clamping down on anything that might be slightly funny or unsupporting? Honestly, I'd say what we really need is a new, less paranoid government, but I can't because I might have legal action taken against me.

So you haven't been summoned by the government's lawyers yet over this site? Ah well, call us if you do!

Scribe said...

I'm wondering about the legal validity of the "IMHO" in the top-right - perhaps it takes more than 4 letters to differentiate between opinion and libel?

I suppose we must count ourselves lucky in the UK. We only have legal action to contend with. The impression I get of the US is that the neo-cons in charge of the mass media have managed to sustain a pretty good air of patriotism, thus adding the extra obstacle course that is peer pressure. Thankfully(?) over here, people seem much less inclined to such a view, and take a rather more apathetic course than a vitriolic pro-government agenda.

There's also another point to be made. Much of the Home Office's efforts are directed at rescuing people from their own stupidity (no really, the fake site could cause confusion, seriously ;). At this rate, not issuing guidelines such as this may actually be more dangerous than doing nothing... I guess we shouldn't forget that a mere absence of politics isn't necessarily a good thing - there should always be an alternative.