Thursday, December 06, 2007

Translating Andy Burnham's Codshit

The Ideal Government Project has the best explanation of Burnhamspeak* ever. Read it read it read it.

* Hmm. "Burnhamspeak" is a horrible word - there must be something catchier than that out there?

Monday, December 03, 2007

You're Niked, Son.

So the link between economics, culture, and behaviour is identified finally. Can we expect a discussion on the role that capitalism plays in the "sponsorship" of our society and our desires?

No, but we can track the branded-hoodie-wearing suspect louts. That's a much better solution.

(Of course, expect new legislation to require all trouble-makers to wear brands once this kicks in - otherwise they escape the system. Only outlaws will wear plain clothes.)

(Addendum: Danah Boyd has a thought-provoking article that links loosely to this, on web advertising and American demographics. Certainly more work needs to be done on the link between consumerism and "identity", I think.)