Tuesday, July 20, 2004

PM and Blunkett unite against crime

...although I'm left wondering which one is the dark, moody main crime-fighter, and which one has to wear lurid lycra tights and say irritating sidekick expressions.

"...focus on ... prevention"?

"And children as young as 10 could face on-the-spot fines for unruly behaviour. ... In a keynote speech Tony Blair said Britain was paying the price of the relaxation of values seen in the 1960s."

Remember kids, the only way to rule the country is with IRON STICKS. Society and environment isn't responsible for how people turn out at all - it's in their genes! Quick, burn the genes! Burn the genes! Next up: Only intelligent and polite people can be allowed to breed. Ha.

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Anonymous said...


The thought that someone who is havign to shoplift or resort to petty crime could afford the £80 without havign to go out and do a large haul in order to pay it seems laughable. And punishing 10 year olds for unruly behaviour? Makes you want to rip out your tongue and smear it with toffe sauce before throwing it at him wrapped around a hand grenade.