Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Secrets and Lies: Robot Sheep Don't Have No Money

Here's a story for you. A herd of robot sheep saw the Sun going down on an otherwise dull day. A few of the sheep, having not seen the Sun go down (because robot-sheep days are long and robot-sheep memories are short) were afraid and ran in the opposite direction fearing a Nuclear Blast. The other robot sheep were a little confused by this, but having very bad memories, thought it safer to follow the sheep who were, supposedly "cautiously", making their unnecessary escape. And so it came to pass that the Sun could no longer shine on the happy robot sheep, and almost killed itself in a fit of Sunset-brilliant despair and bewilderment.

Fortunately, the Moon looked on, and saw it all from afar, from high above. From there, he decided the best thing to do was not to explain to the sheep anything about how the Sun works, but rather to construct a Fake Sun, and embellish the still-brightening sky with it. This way, the sheep would never need even know that the Sun really set, and could spend their days in blissful ignorance, eating grass and telling stories about iPods. (Or their day, at least - there were no days or nights any more. Until the Fake Sun exploded.)

The moral of the story is nothing. The moral of the story is that ignorance is everywhere and nowhere. The moral of the story is to never look directly at the Sun. Choose your own moral.

In the meantime, and completely unrelated, it's good to see Alistair Darling wants to avoid bank runs by handling emergencies in secret.

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