Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"Tagging": Buzzword of the 21st Century

Hello, and a happy new year to all. Things have been a but quiet here recently as festivities have taken their well-earned toll. Part 2 still to come, but catching up with some news snippets in the meantime...

Nanny state, nanny state, gotta have a nanny state... Hutton wants to tag absentee dads now if they're not paying their fair share of child support. Uh.. why? I can be in the same road as someone and never see them. Or is the default response to any irritating behaviour now to restrict people's movement?

Meanwhile, the Home Office reminds us that there are always, annoyingly, people involved in any kind of system, despite however much the government tell us computers will take care of all the work. Gah. Inquiry into 'sex for visa' claim.


Beachhutman said...

S'all bollox. Whenever this lot have no idea what to do they go all hang-em-flog-em on us. And they had to say SOMEhing 'cos Mad Tony opened his big gob and landed them in it AGAIN. The only thing to do with the csa is close it down and return the powers to the courts, which is where they should have stayed, suitably strengthened, instead of all that vindictive CSA crap which over the years has mostly targetted the fathers who DO pay.

Scribe said...

The irritating reality is that technology (such as tagging, ID cards, CCTV, etc) offers ministers some rather lovely emperor's clothing at (not quite so) knockdown rates. The hype and promise of the technology constantly being brought in overwhelms both MPs and the public, allows tangible evidence to see that something-is-being-done, and on top of all that conveniently displaces any responsibility onto the poor IT bods who said it wouldn't work in the first place (at least, not for that amount in the much time), but get stuck with implementing the f'ing thing.

My dad used to quip about pasteurised milk being made to go "past-yer-eyes". I suspect, from the government's point of view, we have pasteurised policies now.