Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stats and Sayings

A quick, intermediary post to follow up on the last, tying together some quotes and some more stats.

According to a spokesman for Blair, the scheme is about "getting a step ahead of the criminal or the terrorist." Practive vs Theory aside, the Times seems to dispute this, claiming that ministers will sell it on fraud, not terror aspects. The article also offers a glimpse of hope:

"The Home Secretary was also reported to be considering strengthening the powers of an ID card commissioner to oversee the scheme. He may also bring in measures to further limit government agencies’ access to the [register]" - both a move in the right direction, at least, if they were to come to pass.

In terms of stats, the Times article notes that... "A survey of 1,000 people yesterday revealed that the plans were backed by five out of 10 people as the best way to combat ID fraud. A MORI poll in April put the figure at 80 per cent in favour." - slightly more up to date than the December poll.

My favourite quote comes from a Computer Weekly article touching on the gulf between ID Cards and preventing telephone/on-line fraud. George Platt, general manager of the company commissioning the survey, said "The reality is the public has no idea."

Oh, and lastly on a sidenote... eh?

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