Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Costs? Accessibility? Who knows?

The Register picks up on a couple of points from the weekend's Observer and Mirror - namely, that the cost of ID Cards may triple, and that 600,000 disabled people won't be able to register under the biometrics scheme. The tripling figure comes from a London School of Economics report, which also notes that biometric certainty diminishes faster than the government hopes/thinks, so that records will have to be retaken every five years rather than every ten.

Getting away from the intricacies, the most interesting point is that the... "LSE report highlights the government's reluctance to disclose details of the scheme as one of the main problems with trying to work out the actual cost of implementing a national identity card scheme."

Hmm, what have they got to hide? Their excuse? "The Home Office has dismissed the report, saying that it does not accept the figures being quoted. It would not comment directly on the findings, however, because commercial contracts are confidential."

Right. A commercial contract that affects each and every one of us. So much for trust.

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