Friday, July 04, 2008

StreetView: Drive-by Terrorism Assistance?

Some privacy kerfuffle over Google's plans to do a UK Street View (i.e. photos of everywhere - and everyone - linked to their street maps). Simon Davis (or Davies - the BBC aren't sure) of Privacy International is leading the offensive defence, threatening to write to the Info Commissioner if Google don't suspend the service. (Although given the willingness of the current government to listen to Richard Thomas, this may prove less effective than "expected".)

As an avid (if amateur) photographer, the question for me is why there's no argument over whether Google is helping out a) terrorists, by offering comprehensive architecture coverage, and b) paedophiles, by.. oh, who knows, any more? Certainly, though, these things are being cracked down on more and more.

Bu then, maybe the key difference is that Google do it drive-by style. A fast getaway is essential when you're not doing anything wrong.

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Richard Veryard said...

So all we need now is a clever mashup between StreetView and some stolen disks from the Home Office. Everyone in the street can be automatically colour-coded: the terrorists coloured in black, paedophiles in orange, ASBOs in yellow, Church of England bishops in pink, the mentally ill in purple, and MPs (unless they fall under any of the other categories) in John Lewis green.