Friday, November 11, 2005

Three Thousand Words

Ah, dear Flickr, what would we do without you? Thanks to Pete Woodhead, even we who wussed out of the annual Lewes throng get to partake in the final, explosive moments of Charles Clarke...

(For the confused amongst you, I can assure you that the real Clarke is not made of papier mache. He may or may not be 20 feet high, though.)


Beachhutman said...

Bloody brilliant. How exactly has Big ears pissed off the residents?

Scribe said...

It seems that any high-profile political figure is fair game for the avatar-builders - especially those that fancy a bit of control. Bush and Blair are certainly favourites, but Bin Laden and others pop up too.

I'm sure Charlie could tell you more :)

Charlie Williams said...

Charlie's Memoirs: Avatars I have Known

The people of Lewes do tend to build avatars of control freaks, or those who are too "safety conscious", but any big beaurocrat will do.

They blew up an avatar of Greene King (the pub chain) after it tried to take over (and do over) one of the local pubs.

The avatar of bin Laden was sitiing on the toilet with a golden eagle digging it's claws into his back - the golden eagle representing the USA.

I believe they once made an effigy of the local safety officer who published an edict preventing people from jumping over some of the smaller bonfires.

Home Secretaries are always fair game, although I'm not sure there's ever been an exploding Blunkett.

As to the exploding tellytubby - your guess is as good as mine.