Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"UK should quit human rights convention"

EPolitix again... More
calls to replace human rights with extensive Police powers, this time from shadow education secretary David Cameron.

It's pretty clear that to many MPs, "rights" are only fundamental and good so long as the governing class have a firm hold over society. But in that case - once we have stablished that these rights are purely circumstantial and subject to change - we must agree to call them "privileges" instead. Unfortunately a "privilege to speak freely" and a "privilege to worship" don't sound quite so empowering, do they?

Is it time to re-establish the meaning of what a "right" is? Or are we now too afraid to question people when they try to take them away from us?

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JD said...

If deporting them is going to result in them being tortured or killed then they should not be deported. Presumably he wants to deport them because they have committed incitement to violence, which I believe is a criminal offence. Surely the answer is to charge and convict them of that crime and then lock them up.