Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No to Freedom Act requests for IT transparency

Another Computer Weekly article revealing just how open our government is when it comes to things they can't quite seem to get right. CW have had their FoIA requests turned down for reviews of high-risk IT projects - including those concerning the NHS, the Child Support Agency, and the up and coming ID system.

The Office of Governemnt Commerce gives the following reason: "Gateway interviewees must be able to be candid about matters which could lead to serious recommendations" which fills me with wonder and curiosity. I think they're saying that confidentiality (or "secrecy") in the process leads to people being more honest. But it sounds pretty obtuse to me. Apparently it's in the public's interest to not know what's going on - knowing how things work would somehow hinder the process? Come on...

This, combined with the whole stinky delay about getting the Home Affairs Select Committee set up should be big indicators about just how "seriously" the ID Bill process is being taken. Anyone waiting for answers to all of this, and still thinking ID Cards are here for our benefit, has a screw loose or a chauffeur outside waiting to take them to Whitehall.

(BTW, I notice the last lot of CW links seem to have expired now, so I've kept a mirror of the above article, just in case.)

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