Friday, March 04, 2005

"The ID cards Bill is dead"

NO2ID reports (via e-mail - sign up here) that the government is set to abandon ID cards until after the election, according to this article in the Independent. It looks like the Tories have slowly (almost creakily) realised how bad the bill is, and how much they have to gain by opposing it.

"The ID cards Bill is dead," one minister told The Independent yesterday.

This gives plenty of time to assemble more resources, more campaign material and more call for a reasoned debate over the whole shenanigan. Good.

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Charlie Williams said...

The problem is that the sources indicate that there will only be time to rush through one piece of security legislation before the election. It's a choice between ID cards and the current terror legislation. So it looks like the terror bill will be rushed through while the ID cards is shelved.

The Tories have stated that they cannot oppose both bills because then they would be seen to be 'soft' on terrorism (not a good move in the run up to the election), so it looks like the terror bill will go through on the nod.

The problem is that the lesser of two evils is still an evil.