Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Downing Street Says...

Downing Street on ID Cards:

"Asked for a reaction to doubts expressed by Richard Thomas, the Information Commissioner, regarding the purpose of ID cards and the information contained on them, the PMS said that Mr Thomas had made an important contribution to the debate on ID cards. A consultation was currently ongoing into the issue and we were therefore keen to hear people's views. However, as we had underlined in the past, there would be guarantees against any 'function creep' regarding the transfer of information about people to different parts of Government. As we had made clear, that was not going to happen. There would be proper oversight of such a scheme, as you would expect."

(Although I seem to remember my views were discounted...)

Downing Street on Blunkett:

"Asked if the Home Secretary continued to enjoy the Prime Minister's full confidence, the PMS said yes."

[via-ish Liberty on Demand]

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