Wednesday, December 15, 2004

He's gone. What next?

He has quit now. Same link as Scribe's post below.

But it is still a well named Blog. Publishing a biography critising your collegues while still in office is not exactly a sensible move. It sours the water even if things are going well. With various allegations flying around it's suicidal.

We need to watch the news carefully to see what happens to the various policies he supported, particularly the terrorism bills and ID cards.


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Scribe said...

Hmm, I see a few different options...

1. Keep true to the name and stalk David Blunkett to find out what he does now he's not in HO control.

2. Ignore the name (with fond remembrance) and carry on as usual.

3. Hoist Blunkett's face (a picture, not literally) on a flag and use it as a Goldstein-/Laden-esque rallying point around which the incredulity of Current British Politics can be brought to attention.

The Secretary is dead! Long live the Secretary!