Monday, August 02, 2004

More about that Terror Booklet

Received that booklet through the post this morning. Something else has just occurred to me about it too.

If you look at the logo (also to be found at the Preparing for Emergencies site), it is possible to decode this logo into a message.

The first circle, with an 'i', obviously stands for "Information Booklet".
The second circle, with '999', represents an emergency.
The third circle, with an arrow represents a direction, or "leads to".
The fourth circle, with a keyhole, is obviously John Locke, a C17 philosopher, at least partly responsible for the British (unwritten) constitution.
The fifth circle, with a dial, is to be rotated.
And the last circle, the cross, is an RIP symbol.

So put them all together and the subtext of the terror booklet is:

An Information Booklet about Emergencies that will Lead to John Locke Turning in his Grave.


1 comment:

Scribe said...

Funny, I read it as "information", "police", "through", "secure", "frequency", "plus".

Or, in other words, "For your information, the police will be spying on your private matters with more frequency".